Final Conference

EQUIPEment for Education: Preparing Children for the 21st Century

Robert Schuman Haus Trier on May 16th, 2013

After two years of collaborating and exchanging views and experiences in small-group meetings, Dutch and German educators from childcare centres and primary schools met in Trier for a final conference. The final conference gave participants of EQUIPE the opportunity to draw a conclusion from their cooperation and to present their results. It was attended by 120 educators of the participating institutions, but also interested visitors from other schools and kindergartens in Trier.

The educationalists Dr. Liesbeth van den Berg and Prof. Dr. Jutta Standop dared to look at the future of primary education in the 21st century. Practitioners from `s Hertogenbosch and Trier presented in workshops new approaches and experiences.

Experiences and Lessons Learned

Experiences of the German Participants

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Experiences of the Dutch Participants

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Transition from Day Care to Primary School

EQUIPE_workshop (1)How does a smooth transition from day care to primary school look like? Which factors contribute to a good and promising transition? Within the workshop transition from day care to primary school Dutch and German attendees had the opportunity to exchange experiences. They also became acquainted with tried and tested examples from the Netherlands and Germany. Learn more →

Parent Participation

Conference EQUIPEment for Education The cooperation of parents and school during the entire school career is very important. Parents can support the education of their children, be partners in participation projects or serve as interlocutors in feedbacks. If parents are involved in the progress of their children and learn something about their process of learning, their talents and their social and emotional development, we will have a chance to arrange successful education. Learn more →

Quality of Education and Day Arrangements

Conference EQUIPEment for Education How does our common conception of successful primary education look like? Which different approaches do the partner regions follow to ensure thehighest level of quality in schools and daycare centres? Within the workshop Quality of education and Day Arrangements we tried to answer these questions against the backdrop of experiences made during the two-year project. We also developed a common perspective for high-quality primary education. Learn more →

Prospects for Education in the 21st Century

From a German Point of View

Conference EQUIPEment for Education

Prof. Dr. Jutta Standop is a professor of school pedagogy with a focus on education at the University of Trier. After having spent several years as an elementary school teacher at schools in the area of Cologne, she later worked as a research associate and assistant for school pedagogy and didactics at the Faculty of Education, University of Bielefeld.

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From a Dutch Point of View

Conference EQUIPEment for Education

Liesbeth van den Berg is an educational scientist. During her studies she carried out research on the influence of activating didactics on the motivation of children. She is broadly experienced in primary education. At present she is working as a certified teacher in a teachers trainings institute. Two of her fields of attention are the quality of education to young children, and education to young children with special needs. She is an active member of the teacher’s network “Jonge Kind” (young child), for many years as a chair person.

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More Pictures of the Final Conference

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