Workshop: Parent Participation

The cooperation of parents and school during the entire school career is very important. Parents can support the education of their children, be partners in participation projects or serve as interlocutors in feedbacks. If parents are involved in the progress of their children and learn something about their process of learning, their talents and their social and emotional development, we will have a chance to arrange successful education.

Topics and results:

How do schools involve parents in school life?

  • Integration of parental talents in Germany and Netherlands
  • Integration of parental talents in school life in relation to their job and to their interests
  • In the Netherlands, schools made positive experiences when they directly addressed parents

Which trust building measures exist?

  • Regularly communicating by e-mail with parents (e.g. “This week we have…“, “Don’t forget…next week, please.“
  • Drawing up unambiguous rules for parents

How are the Dutch institutions trying to reach parents who are not of Dutch origin?

  • Support by community regular meetings (labeled „parents‘ café“) on every tuesday morning with parents, school administration and teachers. During the meetings all those present discuss the education of children. Target group: Turkish and Afghan parents.
  • Parents‘ cafés with Dutch parents also take place in the evening.

Unanswered questions:

  • Where are the parents in today‘s conference?
  • How do we deal with parents’ interference in our professional works?
  • How can we reach uninterested parents?


  • “We are working on establishing a culture of praise. For instance, we directly address parents and tell them „Peter really did good today!“ (R. Neumann, SL).
  • “Make time in your teaching staff for talking about the importance of parent participation.“ (Caroline Schmidt, DKJS)