Workshop: Quality of Education and Day Arrangements

How does our common conception of successful primary education look like? Which different approaches do the partner regions follow to ensure thehighest level of quality in schools and daycare centres? Within the workshop Quality of education and Day Arrangements we tried to answer these questions against the backdrop of experiences made during the two-year project. We also developed a common perspective for high-quality primary education.

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Topics and Results

Characteristic of quality in education:

  • Paying attention to pupil‘s individual strengths, weaknesses and character
  • The daily routine is characterized by alternating between phases of relaxation and phases of activation
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Cooperation between pupils, teachers and with others outside the school

How do the Netherlands ensure quality in education?

  • Teachers are given advice and support on a regular basis from the beginning – because high-quality education isn‘t possible without well-qualified teachers.
  • Lifelong learning: teachers keep a list of competencies to document the individual development of their pupils, to formulate goals and how to achieve them.
  • Headteachers have to post all positions with a detailed qualification profile and have to involve the teaching staff and parents in the selection process.
  • Headteachers accompany, support and evaluate their teachers.
  • Sitting in on classes and conversations on developments and goals are integral parts of the human resource development. Basis of these conversations and all quality reviews are these seven competencies:
    1. interpersonal relations
    2. pedagogical
    3. educational
    4. didactic
    5. organizational
    6. co-operative
    7. on one’s own authority
  • Teachers have to present their ideas for the school year etc. at the beginning of the year.