Kindcentrum Boschveld

Kantel BoschfeldThe mission of ‘t Boschveld 2012-2016

To arrive at a description of an overall educational philosophy, we explicitly asked our team what we stand for as a school and where we want to go. The following statements were our guidelines:

  • Every child is unique with its own characteristics
  • There is a powerful learning environment which allows children to develop in various fields
  • Learning from and with each other is important, eg. to solve problems with the Child Centre
  • Learning is learning by doing
  • There is interest in differentiation through levels and / or pace

The vision of t Boschveld 2012-2016

As of today we have over two years to go until the new building of the BBS ‘s Boschveld containing the most important participant, the Child Centre 0-13, will be finished. The new building for the school will consist of three units in which children can learn in a modern and future-proof manner. The unit for the children of the lower groups (unit 1) is located on the ground floor, in the immediate vicinity of the nursery and playgroup arrangement. For the next two years, albeit the limitations of the current building, the developments in KC Boschveld are aimed at giving further shape to the work in units, so that there can be the best possible start in the new building.

Contact Information

Celsiusstraat 29
5223 CA ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Phone: +31 (0)73 6210042


Children: 60 (age 0 -4); 97 (age 4-13)
Professionals: 10 (age 0 -4); 15 (age 4 - 13)
Groups: 3 (age 0 -4); 5 (age 4 -13)